Where there is change there is grief.

Women are choosing to grieve and redefine their lives in the privacy of their pages and on their own terms as they navigate change.

Some of the change they’re navigating include:

Accidental Death
Death after long illness
Death by suicide
Relationship status change
Health status change
Job status change
Chronic illness
Neurological disease
Active disease process

I’m honoured that women 25-65+ have bought these journals to keep on their bedside tables across:

South Africa
United States

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Meet Jenn Laforet.

Jenn writes guided reflection journals for women who are navigating change. 

With words that matter, Jenn helps women reclaim their voices through stories and guided journals that connect with love and compassion.

She is a Mama, Author, Educator, Founder of Write Current and the Bloom Notes in Bloom Podcast Host.

When she's not writing in her own journal, you can find Jenn exploring local flower markets and loving on her children and herself.

Podcasts Jenn Laforet Has Been a Featured Guest On

In every season of life, there are moments of joy, laughter, strength, resilience, care and compassion.

Stories connect us around the world and the Bloom Notes in Bloom podcast has listeners in:

United States
United Kingdom

Bloom Notes in Bloom is a thirty-eight-episode podcast that helps women get out of their heads and into their hearts with words that matter so that they can reconnect, reclaim, root and celebrate their sense of self as they navigate seasons of change.

Each season offers an opportunity to release, renew, savour and share as we enjoy the journey.

One moment at a time.

Host Jenn Laforet’s popular Bloom Notes and Root Notes life enhancement guided reflection journals enjoyed by women 25-65+ worldwide continue to inspire this work.

Do you work with women who are navigating change?

Use these guided reflection journals to support and complement the work that you're doing with your clients, online community members and group program participants.

Wholesale pricing is available for orders of 10+ and ships worldwide.

Facilitator guides and additional PDF worksheets are included with your wholesale order.